I'm Jane. A sound healer, vibrational therapist, space holder and yoga instructor.
I use my inter-disciplinary toolkit of spirituality and science to reboot ancient arts for the stressed,
the sceptical and specifically for the 21st Century.

Blending both deeply traditional and fiercely contemporary methods from the sonic and yogic universe,
I weave elemental grooves, cosmic inspiration and a good sprinkle of shamanic and sacred ceremony
into my sound explorations and yoga workshops. Seeking serenity, awareness, and above all -
a return to home to our connection, creative energy, and our innate inner flow.

"Sound is the medicine of the future."


Since the earliest civilisations, people have been moving to the rhythm of sound in almost every aspect of culture – in the hunt, on the dancefloor, in our breath, and in the vibrations of the moon and the cosmos beyond.

From ancient drumbeats to the mysterious wisdom of the gong and more contemporary tools like binaural beats – the ability to TUNE INTO FREQUENCIES TO RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS and balance our bodies has phenomenal untapped potential. Weaving inspiration and experience from a personal journey of healing that magnetised me to sound therapy, I share gong baths, sound immersions and meditational spaces to ELEVATE, ENERGISE & ATTUNE. Step into the immersive universe of sound and prepare to be blown away.

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In all walks of life, we love to mark time and transition with ceremony, using RITUALS TO CONNECT TO PEOPLE AND PLACES, to draw invisible lines of togetherness.

My yoga and sound practices are shot through with ingredients from countless cultures, and encompass reiki, lunar astrology, Ayurveda, plant medicine, shamanism, tons of crystals and a smattering of witchery – a mashup unified by being ROOTED IN NATURE. In a time of unprecedented change on our planet, there has never been a better time to realign with mother earth. I hold events and collaborations inviting a deeper understanding of being through sacred ritual. Leave your preconceptions at the door, put down your phone, and welcome your inner wild child to the party.

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Like many people in the west, I started yoga to offset a chaotic lifestyle and because I hated cardio. But something magical emerged from the mat. The realisation that yoga isn’t about the body, but is A BRIDGE TO SOMEWHERE FAR BEYOND. It’s about meditation rather than movement, exploring the consciousness, coming home. We learn to put ourselves into shapes so that we can attune our inner being to what lies beyond it.

My classes vary from the immersive traditions learned in the ashrams of India to the fiery grace of a very modern, high vibe method from 90s San Francisco. Always a killer playlist, no matter what. Step onto the mat, into your power, and SEE THE WORLD THROUGH NEW EYES. Yoga is for everyone, but it only works if you show up.

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Choose Your Groove

Sometimes we like a super strong flow, sometimes we like to just lie down and breathe.
Classes, workshops and retreats designed for every version of you.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

    26th February 07:30

    This 2 hour workshop offers an introduction to using sound in your yoga classes or other healing/wellbeing space. Designed to give you the confidence to use sounds to support your teaching and space holding, the workshop will provide a simple introduction to the science of sound healing, and will cover:…

  • SONIC OCEAN SOUNDSCAPE / GONG BATH in Bude The Yoga Studio, Kings Hill Est. Bude
    29th February 16:00

    GO DEEP // Our gong bath in Bude on the Pisces New Moon will celebrate all things WATERY, as we focus the sound journey and surrounding rituals on our connection to the liquid power of the scared flowing element. Living by the ocean, here in Cornwall we are only too…

    22nd March 15:00

    A luscious springtime collaboration with two of my faves: Anna Curnock Yoga and Kirsty "Oils from Mother Nature" Wright Anna writes: "Spring equinox is the time of year when day and night are equal lengths of time, where we are beginning to move into the lighter part of the year.…

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