"When people go within and connect with themselves, they realise they are connected to the universe and connected to all living things."

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You can contact me quickly using the form below. If you'd like to talk, feel free to send me a voicemail message to 07384 376000 or email jane@silenceandnoise.co.uk, and I can gather any info you might need and call you back to discuss your requirements/book an appointment. Don't forget to sign up to the newsletter for early access to events, priority booking codes and free sound and meditation downloads.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

  • Soundscape: New Moon in Cancer 2.0 ONLINE
    20th July 19:00

    This year the Moonchild stays with us for the lucky 13th moon of the year. What will the extension of the Cancerian energy provide? Join us for 90 minutes of ritual exploration and sound journeying featuring the gongs, bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, drums and harmonium, as well as crystal grids,…

  • Soundscape: Lammas x Full Moon in Aquarius ONLINE
    3rd August 19:00

  • Soundscape: New Moon in Leo ONLINE
    19th August 19:00

    It's the season of the big cat - fiery, confident and courageous, it's time to step up and into your power. Working with the lower chakras, tonight's session will be a journey of self-empowerment, working with an array of sound therapy tools including gongs, bowls, chimes, drums, harmonium, strings and…

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