Since the lockdown began in late March 2020, all my live events have of course had to be cancelled - or at least postponed until the international health emergency has receded and we are able to meet safely once again.

As someone who defines their work as 'space holding,' the idea of unravelling my methods in order to deliver community, compassion and connection digitally has presented a whole array of complications, not least, the challenge of achieving studio quality sound that truly emulates the impact of the live experience.

Perseverance, commitment and a whole heap of improvisation, acceptance and learning on the job later, and I'm now happy to be offering both live and recorded sound sessions online which I believe are just as powerful, supportive and enlightening as the real deal.

Scroll down to find out how it works, how to troubleshoot the tech, and how to join our vibrant online community of sound lovers and soul seekers.

Can gongs really work online?

Yes! Just check out the testimonials sprinkled through the site and linked below. When you join a sound bath, gong meditation or any other kind of sound session in the ‘real’ world, you are benefitting from both the sound AND the vibrational aspects of the session. In a digital environment, although you are not physically receiving the vibrations, you are still able to receive ALL the experiences of the sound itself. Which is the main magic!

The sounds slow your brainwaves down from beta to theta level, which has the effect of dropping you into a trace-like, meditative state. Depending on your own personal practice you may find this simply a deep restful and relaxing state, or you may experience ‘journeying’, astral travel or a higher consciousness connection. Just LISTENING to the sound, tuning in with intention, is enough to take you on your own meditative experience.

I am offering a range of different online sessions (check out the next panel) so you can choose exactly how you want to craft your own journey with sound. On the technical front, creating the same sort of space we would do in person will definitely help –  a cosy, quiet area, candles, oils, an eye pillow and no distractions are all part of connecting with sound sessions online. Similarly, good headphones or speakers will make difference. Check the FAQs for more details.

What are people saying?

What's happening online?


Expand your horizons.

2hr Sound & Ritual Experiences – bimonthly full spectrum sound and spirituality sessions themed around the lunar cycle and shamanic wheel, including workshopping with crystal reiki, essential oils, intuitive tarot as well as guided meditation and astrological insights. You can replay these as much as you like after the event if you can’t make the scheduled time. See the Shop + Book page via button below for the next events.



Real time community.

1hr Gong Bath – WEEKLY AT VARIOUS TIMES are private live streams hosted here on my website and are focused on the sound rather than ritual work, including a short singing bowl meditation followed by a full 45 min gong. Check social media and the EVENTS listing for latest dates and sign up via the SHOP.  For more live sessions make sure you are following me on social to catch impromptu public Instagram and Facebook Live events.



Choose when you listen.

You can now access #30MinuteMeditation sessions and more for FREE on my YouTube Channel. These offer 10 minutes of insight around a cosmic theme and a quickfire 15 minute sound session. I add new sessions every week. There are also a selection of full length gong baths and soundscapes that you can buy unlimited streaming access to in my SHOP.



Just me & you

My Full Spectrum Soundscape and Sonic Soul sessions are available online, on a private Zoom link between you and me (unfortunately I can’t offer Vibrational Therapy online as tis does require a face to face setup). Check the Sounds & Services page to read about what distinguishes these sessions from each other, and drop me an email to arrange your appointment. Full pre-guidance will be supplied including how to prepare your space and what to have with you.

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I'm an analogue human. Help.

It’s ok. This new digital and socially distanced world is giving us all challenges – I actually have a film degree and STILL struggled to get to grips with online filming and streaming at first! The world is changing fast and we’re learning as we go, so you’re not alone.

I’ve created a detailed FAQs page which you can click through to below, this will answer the main questions. If you’re still unsure about anything, drop me an email (please don’t use social media for tech questions – it’s too easy to lose comments and not be able to get back to you in time for your event).

My sessions will work on any internet capable device but I suggest using the one you have with the best processor speed/memory, to help reduce connection issues. There is lots more on this on the FAQs page. The best way to experience the sound without any distortion or loss in quality is through over-ear, preferably noise cancelling headphones – as I stream in stereo you need BOTH ears so don’t be tempted to share one ear each with a family member like you’re on the school bus! A decent quality speaker will do but do make sure it’s surround sound and that the equalizers are level (bass whacked all the way up will disrupt you).

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Want to try before you buy? Scope out some bite-size sessions to get a feel for what sound can do for you.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

  • Samhain Blue Moon Sonic Special ONLINE
    30th October 19:00

    The powerful Blue Moon lands on the most auspicious day in the astral year - Samhain. Join a LIVE STREAMED online ritual and sound session, with your own ritual kit included in the price.

  • SOUNDSCAPE: New Moon in Scorpio (LIVE EVENT) 20th November SHIVA STUDIO, Newquay
    20th November 18:00

    6pm-8pm @ Shiva Studio, Nansledan, Newquay The session will include creating a shared mandala, discussing crystal and ritual tools for channelling the lunar vibrations, as well as group oracle card readings and the full 75 minute sound session including gongs, crystal bowls and lots of earthy shamanic drumming. Price includes…

  • SOUNDSCAPE: New Moon in Sagittarius (LIVE EVENT) 12th December SHIVA STUDIO, Newquay
    12th December 14:00

    2pm-4pm @ Shiva Studio, Nansledan, Newquay The session will include creating a shared mandala, discussing crystal and ritual tools for channelling the lunar vibrations, as well as group oracle card readings and the full 75 minute sound session including gongs, crystal bowls and lots of earthy shamanic drumming. Price includes…

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