My favourite part of my job is when people tell me their experiences in the soundspace and beyond. Thank your for your kind words -
here are some which I hope help you decide if journeying with me is for you.

Anna - Online Sessions

“Thank you once again for an amazing soundscape this evening. You are obviously so passionate and knowledgeable about what you do amazing. I’m so fortunate to have been connected with you during these unsettling times. I found it extremely powerful and felt almost crushed by the energy I felt I was receiving . I was very interested in the crystals and essential oils you were using. I am keen to learn more. Will be in touch again soon.”

Tim - Online Sessions

“Thank you so much for your magical soundscape and meditation this evening. In these uncertain times I have come to appreciate your beautiful online offerings. I cannot find peace anywhere else, I have tried online yoga but there is something in the sound and vibration in your sessions which connects with me, grounds me, calms me and takes me on a journey where there is no fear, only hope and love. I would like you to know how important this has been to me during these difficult times, I live alone and recently lost my cat. I cannot visit family and miss my yoga practice. Your wonderful soundscapes are keeping me afloat and helping me navigate these troublesome times.”

Bambi - Online Sessions

“Lockdown has been pretty full on being a single parent and having my boy home with me for 3 weeks was testing, [so now] I have the time for college work and personal development, last night was just what I needed … having what felt like a virtual hug from your sound bath was what my heart really needed.”

Hannah - Online Sessions

“I love pure gongs – was unsure about doing it online but was great knowing I was listening live with others while being comfy in my bed with my cat by my side :)”

Bonnie - Online Sessions

“Between continuing to nurse and home schooling, your sessions are keeping me sane right now! I’ve read a lot about moonology, astrology and crystals but seeing them all brought together in your sessions is great.”

Susanna - Online Sessions

“I am amazed that an online sound bath worked so well, it took me off on a beautiful journey. These are very strange times and the great advantage with doing this online is we can now sit with this for however long we like. Don’t have to get up and venture out Into the cold night to go home I am still on my sofa and maybe here for a while…”

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