Recorded on the New Moon in Taurus, 23rd April 2020.

Join us for this relaxing, meditative event and let’s raise the vibration together, as we honour the New Moon in Taurus. Join our online community of sound-lovers and soulseekers for a 90 minute sound and ritual session to align our intentions with the earthy Taurean energy. The session will include:

  • Workshop on the prevailing cosmic energy & planetary shifts
  • Chakra meditation with the crystal bowls, focusing on the throat chakra
  • Guide to crystals and oils to use for this lunar season, and showcase of creating a ritual with these and further intuitive/divination techniques
  • Full 45 minute gong bath finished with shamanic drumming

Benefits of sound meditation include:

– Releasing old trauma and pent up stress
– Improving sleeping problems
– Relaxing muscular tension
– Supporting healing of injuries and respite from longer term conditions
– Relighting your creative, intuitive spark
– Getting out of your own head, just for a little while


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