Happy New Year! Welcome 2021 with an evening of sound journeying, reflection and guided journalling.

Our 2 hour online session includes a beautiful shared ceremony to help connect with your dreams and visions for the year ahead, as well as a preview of the big astrological and energetic activity headed our way for the first quarter of the year.

We’ll share in a crystal grid with lots of ideas for specific crystals and tools to amplify your journey; draw a tarot spread for the year to inspire and connect with our intuition; and the main event will of course be a full length gong and sound experience, using an array of instruments for your sonic exploration. It’s the perfect opportunity to dive deep into your inner landscape, and rather than get tangled up in emotions about the rollercoaster of 2020, to reflect of wisdom, learning, and insights that we can take forward.

A wonderful accompaniment to your new year journalling, intention setting and tarot reading.