The earthy Virgo moon is a supermoon in more ways than the pure science of being close to our planet – the cosmic energy as we head towards equinox is fired up with Mars retrograding in Aries, offering us a wonderful chance to review and reset our goals and ambitions as we head into the final quarter of the year (yes, really!) The grounded, practical, detail-driven Virgo energy is the perfect opportunity to get organised and reframe our pathways before the full moon in Aries on 1st October fires the starting gun on our new dharma.

This session includes a mini workshop on the crystals, tarot and oils I’m using to enhance rituals as we work with the Virgo new moon vibrations, as well as a full sound bath including gongs, crystal bowls and the magical shamanic drumming that I love more than ever during earth transits.

The session is pre-recorded and premiered on 17th Sept at 7pm, and will be available to replay until 23.59 on 1st October.

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