Recorded April 8th 2020

In celebration of the Full Pink Supermoon, this Libra full moon soundscape/gong bath will rinse out the last residues of the darker season as we shift into true Spring and celebrate the return of flowers. We will focus the sound journey and surrounding rituals on our connection to blossoming life around us, and the levitational aspects of air. This sound event has been crafted to help us capture the essence of the element and meditate on its healing power.

Session includes:

* 35 minute workshop on creating your moon ritual using crystals, reiki, essential oils, with suggestions for the ideal tools to can use for Libra season.
* Tarot guidance for the season (focusing on the Justice card) and how we use intuitive tarot
* Astrology background to the supermoon and this particular transition
* 10 minute crystal bowl meditation
* 45 minute gong bath

Do you want to:

– Release old trauma and pent up stress?
– Sleep better?
– Relax muscular tension?
– Support healing of injuries and respite from longer term conditions?
– Relight your creative, intuitive spark?
– Get out of your own head, just for a little while?

Then join us for this relaxing, meditative event and let’s raise the vibration together.


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