Mini SpiRITUAL Kit

Your petite gift contains the reiki infused sprinkle of magic you need to create your spell-making sacred space at home.

* Hand poured 10hour soy scented candle – rose + jasmine
* 50g raw incense – frankincense, desert sage, palo santo and rose petals
* A 1.5-2cm quartz or rose quartz rock to guide your meditation
* 1 x charcoal disc to get you started with the incense
* Access to ONE online soundscape worth £10 – your confirmation includes a code to access the new or full moon session that calls you (check the shop listings to see what’s coming up)
* Collectible spiRITUAL Astrology + Guidance Card for the present sun sign season

Your collectible card offers the key dates for cosmic happenings and spell-casting this lunar season, as well as insights into recommended tools to make the magic happen right now.

Your candle burns for 10 hours – we recommend no longer than 3 hours at a time to preserve scent quality. Light the wick long for maximum longevity.

To use your raw incense, light the charcoal disc with a match until orange sparks start to fly, and then place it in a heatproof burner or container (beware it will get HOT) until it’s turned white. Place a pinch of incense on the disc and watch the smoke rise. A little goes a long way – you’ll get 10 burns out of this jar.

Only the finest organic, naturally sourced and hand crafted/foraged ingredients have been used.


R+R curates LIMITED EDITION cosmic goodness – including clearing and smudging tools, precious rocks, and practical tools for your ritual such as artisan ceramic bowls for your oils, custom blended raw incense jars, and hand-tooled leather pouches for your sage. Each box also comes with a collectible guidance card giving you the science and astrological details you need to get your lunar ceremony underway, and your box includes access to our online community where I share my own ritual recipes for honouring the moons of the month, as well as TWO soundscapes where you can utilise your new ritual kit in alignment with the moon and the shared conscious collective. By the end of the year you’ll have collected a spellbook to see you through the full lunar journey.

Every single item in the box is especially commissioned and uniquely handcrafted, and going forward, you won’t be able to buy the contents anywhere else, or individually. Boxes will be available for one-off sale, although of course, a monthly subscription will work out FAR better, AND will give you a full annual toolkit and opportunity to deepen your cosmic study and understanding over the whole year.

I create my events to be so much more than sound – I work hard to weave in shamanism, reiki, crystal therapy, different aspects of meditation and my own training and study in everything from the shamanic wheel to yogic philosophy, astrology, cosmology, eclectic witchcraft, Celtic ritual and of course, the intuitive tarot. Rock + Ritual is a project designed to breathe life into the full spectrum of the Silence & Noise soundscape, creating a vibrant, engaged community that I hope in time will expand far beyond our monthly moon rituals and unboxing.

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