It’s one of my absolute faves of the astrological year – the Full Moon in Scorpio, called the Flower Moon by the ancestors and indigenous people. As flowers bloom across the northern hemisphere the explosion of colour and life reflects the energetic vibrancy of the season – deep, soulful, expansive and curious.

Working with the fluid energy of the darkest of all the full moons, we’ll be exploring the concept of living FULLY as we explore the deepest emotional landscapes through ritual soundscape – working with a finely tuned balance of earthy and sensuous cues including crystal reiki, shamanic ritual, Wiccan flower spells, intuitive astrology and of course, empowering sounds from gongs, bowls and more.

My playlist for this event is at this link:


Sound has been documented and tested through many thousands of years to have phenomenal untapped potential for healing, meditation and therapy. Do you want to…

– Release old trauma and pent up stress?
– Sleep better?
– Relax muscular tension?
– Support healing of injuries and respite from longer term conditions?
– Relight your creative, intuitive spark?
– Get out of your own head, just for a little while?

Then join us for this relaxing, meditative event and let’s raise the vibration together.


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