This 1 hour gong bath is the perfect tonic for easing the midweek energy, offering a safe and beautifully held space in which you can relax, meditate, journey and rest.

One gong bath gives your physical and energy body the equivalent of 4 hours sleep – see this as your refuel to guide you to the weekend!

We open by touching briefly on the prevailing cosmic and lunar energy before you are invited to lie down to receive the sounds of the powerful gongs, proven through thousands of years and by many civilisations to have profound healing benefits. The sounds ease into your body at a cellular level, allowing your brainwaves to slow and your body to arrive in a state capable of self-healing.

Session is 60 minutes in total and while it will be focused on the gongs, other instruments such as crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums and chimes may be integrated.

These sessions run weekly and are live only. Please see the YouTube channel or soundscape sessions if you are looking for a replay.

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