The first full moon of the summer is a special one – a lunar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. It’s party-time in the skies – and as above, so below!

This full moon eclipse is one of the most powerful lunar events of the year, concerned as it is with the business of major U-turns, identifying our dharma, our own unique and sacred path. The first in a trio of lunar eclipses this year and the beginning of a new eclipse cycle, this is a potent portal for pivoting, changing lanes, swerving direction. Claiming our ground, our power and our own adventure in this life is the focus of this lunation, and the Sagittarian penchant for wanderlust, exploration and fearlessness will play its part too. As we shift into high summer (the strawberry moon is so-called in the Pagan, Shamanic and Wiccan traditions for the time of year when the fruits bloom) opportunities are ripe, we feel enlivened and enlightened by longer days, the heat of fire season, global power shifts and a chance for us ALL to co-create a stronger, more unified existence, and step out of our shadows into the sun and fire of a new season of opportunity.

Sound has been documented and tested through many thousands of years to have phenomenal untapped potential for healing, meditation and therapy. Do you want to…

– Release old trauma and pent up stress?
– Sleep better? Videos
– Relax muscular tension?
– Support healing of injuries and respite from longer term conditions?
– Relight your creative, intuitive spark?
– Get out of your own head, just for a little while?

Then join us for this relaxing, meditative event and let’s raise the vibration together.


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