The eagle eyed among you will notice that we have TWO new moons in Cancer in 2020. Nature gives us 13 moon cycles in each of our calendar years, but the Gregorian calendar which has been in common use in the west since 1582 is a SOLAR calendar, which was originally created to halt the date ‘drift’ of the equinoxes and to fit in with the Catholic perception of Easter as the definitive spring equinox. Hence why we have 12 months and 13 moons.

Therefore every year we end up with a double new moon in a single Zodiac sign! Practically speaking, this tends to throw a lot of us out both in terms of our natural cycles and also practical planning, as for the couple of months after the ‘double,’ the new moon will now fall right at the tail end of a sun season, rather than at its start!

So for subscribers to Rock + Ritual, you’ll notice a larger gap between the Cancer and Leo boxes. Here are the 2020 dates you help you stay on track. You can also check the full lunar calendar including full moons here