“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


If you'd told my Prada-touting, model-agent mid-20's self that by 40 I'd be banging what look rather like shiny dustbin lids for a living and giving people sound treatment sessions, I'd have given you my most acid fashion put-down. I'd never heard of sound therapy, gong healing, or anything similar, and my life seemed perfectly fine without it.

I can't remember exactly how I found my first gong bath (just 5 or 6 of us in a draughty disused garage in Shoreditch sometime around 2006) - but definitely I know why I went back. I'd spent most of my life thus far feeling disconnected, separate, solitary. I KNEW there was so much more than the tangible world my senses showed me, but I had never been able to really touch it, despite fleeting moments of insight and awareness, usually in a yoga class or somewhere in the depths of a long night on the dancefloor. But the moment the gongs seared into my brain, I was taken somewhere new, somewhere magical, somewhere that changed everything.

Sound took me to a place I'd never been before - all the way past my conscious mind. It allowed to me to explore new layers of being, new aspects of life, and the space beyond. When relaxing in the sound cocoon I felt carried away from the stress, anxiety and general dissatisfaction with life, love and work that seemed to be hanging over me. But what's more I noticed that things started to change when I left the sound space too - a lifelong battle with insomnia seemed to be shifting. Chronic back pain from a long-ago car crash began to release. I finally noticed that I really didn't have to carry on with a career and life plan that I had fallen totally out of love with - I had the power to make changes all by myself. Opportunities seemed to be opening up, and I embraced them with confidence, belief and love. My body, mind and spirit began to align.

Therein lies not so much the magic, but the SCIENCE of sound, which has provided civilisations and cultures with a medicinal modality for thousands of years. Sound and vibration can be accessed as a purely relaxing, meditative tool, or their power can be harnessed and directed more specifically for therapeutic benefit. I offer sessions which focus individually on either healing or meditation, and the details and differences of these sessions are explained below.

Despite the science that underpins all sound practice, there is also an intuitive element to delivering a session which is best encapsulated in my Soundscape offerings. These unique and individually crafted 1:1 or group events draw together the full spectrum of my personal practice, weaving crystal therapy, reiki, essential oils, and divination into our sound journey. In a group they offer a profound connection to the elements and our shared consciousness; individually they have the potential to empower and encourage evolutionary life shifts and healing.

From primal drumming to focused tuning forks, the cosmic harmony of the bowls and the power of the gongs, I've been fortunate to feel first-hand the almost unbelievable impact of sound on the human experience. It's my passion and path to share that experience with as many beings as possible.

My practices are multi-dimensional, yet always rooted in sound. Here's what I offer:

/ Sound Therapy
/ Sound Meditation & Journeying
/ Vibrational Therapy
/ Shamanic Journeying
/ Crystal Therapy
/ Reiki & Crystal Reiki
/ Intuitive Insight (Tarot & Astrology Inspired Guidance)



This 1:1 session is crafted to support and guide you back to optimum health. Focused specifically on utilising singing bowls, tuning forks and other vibrational instruments on the body (or just in the auric/energy body if you prefer to avoid physical contact) we work with sound and vibration - plus some breathwork - to release and nurture specific areas of discomfort, pain or concern.

I work with people presenting with many conditions ranging from Parkinson's to MS, fibromyalgia, cardiovascular disease and autisim as well as with those recovering from surgery and dealing with shorter term muscular injuries. This healing and restorative technique is designed not so much to be instantly curative as to create and nurture the right energetic conditions for the body to shift into a state of self-healing. That said, there is plenty of fascinating evidence showing the immediate impact that sound can have, especially on the liquid aspects of the human body. Vibrational therapy can also be applied in the cases of mental health issues, where it is especially supportive.

This is NOT a talking therapy, however it's useful to open the session with a short conversation about your health situation and emotional response to it - this will help us make the most of our time together. Like all my sound appointments, a deep meditation is an integral aspect of the experience and you will receive a gong bath as part of your appointment to ensure you leave feeling fully floaty and relaxed!

£40 / 60 minutes

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My own healing journey started on the yoga mat but spread its wings so much further - the positive experience of opening my mind and body to therapies, ideas and modalities that I would never have expected to embrace is something I always seek to share. This always bespoke session is therefore designed to reflect the broad spectrum of rituals and practices that have led me to create Silence & Noise. Drawing from a complementary, holistic toolkit which has evolved as my own journey has deepened, the core of this session will always be an opening sonic meditation of Himalayan and crystal bowls, and a closing gong bath, but what we create together in between is guided by your intentions and my intuition.

Together we will carve out a unique ritual utilising some or all of the tools in my soundspace - divination decks, crystal therapy, reiki, Indian head massage, aromatherapy and mantra. I weave these multifaceted practices together to create a ceremonial style session with a clear pathway to healing, amplifying intention and balancing the physical, mental and energy bodies for a harmonious, insightful and uplifting sensory journey. This session works best when we simply allow it to evolve around the energy you present - but we can plan a ritual experience directed by a specific therapeutic or meditational request if you prefer.

£50 / 75 minutes
£60 / 90 minutes

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This full spectrum session is focused on bathing you in sound with the intention of guiding you past the conscious mind into a deeply releasing and relaxing meditation.

Our brainwaves slow right down once the sounds and vibrations are shimmering through your body. They relax enough that you can move into a deep meditation which for many of us is usually blocked by the chatter of the conscious mind. The non-cognitive, non-invasive access provided by sound allows you to drift into this state with ease.

This soulful meditation is designed to keep you in a deep state of relaxation for up to an hour, and consists of continuous resonant sound, finished with a short percussive section to help draw you back from the depths of your journey. Although this session is not designed to be specifically therapeutic, like all sound experiences it's likely that the sound will find it's way to injuries and pain, so you can certainly still receive many healing benefits as well as the relaxation you've come for. This is a particularly supportive treatment for those living with stress, depression, PTSD, addiction and similar issues, and who may be seeking an alternative to talking therapy as a start point for their healing journey.

This session can be delivered 1:1 or to a couple, and can also be shared as a bespoke group session. Please get in touch to discuss your unique needs.

£50 / 75 minutes (1:1)
£70 / 75 minutes (couple)
Groups by arrangement.

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The best way to explain sound is to experience it. Find out for yourself by booking a 1:1 in person or online, delivered in professionally recorded stereo sound.

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