"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears "

About Jane

An accidental yogi, Jane came to the mat at the gym in Hackney, burnt out, bored and with a body shape that didn't look like it was going to bend. Her journey was unexpected, backgrounded by a career in fashion production that seemed to eclipse everything else - clocking 80 hour weeks and racking up the air miles, she didn't have much time or commitment for anything, especially not yoga. But a twist of fate changed her direction completely, and after accidentally booking the wrong activities package on a surf holiday, she found herself in daily yoga classes for the first time ever. Something shifted.

A longtime fascination with the mystical and spiritual was reignited, and the realisation landed that yoga and wider spiritual practice might just offer her the ideal outlet for the over-commitment and iron will that she gave her career, but in a significantly healthier environment. Inspired by the power and energy of the Jivamukti and Rocket methods she connected with at wonderful North London studios including TriYoga, Yogahome, The Life Centre and Mudra Yoga, she found herself signing up to yoga retreats, gong baths, shamanic healings and eventually, an almost totally spontaneous yoga teacher training - nobody was ever more surprised to pitch up in the Himalayas and find themselves being taught Vedic meditation, but it was all falling into place and now the biggest challenge was how to balance a growing spiritual shift with the need to maintain the life she'd chosen.

An almost inevitable personal health crisis introduced Jane to sound as a meditation and therapy, and she found her groove at last, a way to shut down the negative chatter and start making some good decisions. Having always being plagued by feelings of being less than the crop-top wearing #instayogis, she found that sound, and gongs in particular, offered her a way to empower herself and find confidence in the changes that yoga continued to bring her.

Jane left London for Cornwall in 2017 and now lives by the beach with her feline family and a large collection of houseplants. She never looks back, except in gratitude. She wakes up most days feeling a bit creaky, doesn't always remember to meditate, and usually starts with coffee over green juice. She teaches from the heart, but with humour, awareness and a decent dose of tough love, because that's exactly what she herself needed to break the cycle of self-destruction she was on, and tune in to a different path. She firmly believes that the modern soulseeking movement WILL save the world, because she is living proof that what happens on the mat is truly just the beginning of what can be achieved beyond it.



For every body, every mind and every bank balance

Sound, meditation and yoga are for everyone. If you want to find out more about how I can tailor a session combining one or all of my practices uniquely for your own
physical, emotional or financial needs, just ask.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

  • Soundscape: New Moon in Cancer 2.0 ONLINE
    20th July 19:00

    This year the Moonchild stays with us for the lucky 13th moon of the year. What will the extension of the Cancerian energy provide? Join us for 90 minutes of ritual exploration and sound journeying featuring the gongs, bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, drums and harmonium, as well as crystal grids,…

  • Soundscape: Lammas x Full Moon in Aquarius ONLINE
    3rd August 19:00

  • Soundscape: New Moon in Leo ONLINE
    19th August 19:00

    It's the season of the big cat - fiery, confident and courageous, it's time to step up and into your power. Working with the lower chakras, tonight's session will be a journey of self-empowerment, working with an array of sound therapy tools including gongs, bowls, chimes, drums, harmonium, strings and…

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