Join me in powering through hump day with a 30 minute power-session to soothe your senses and restore your inner balance. We’ll work with a selected rock (I kind of prefer that word to crystal!) or three to focus our vibrations and energy as we begin with a micro-chat around rocks and reiki and how to utilise these forces of science and nature to aid our wellbeing.

Moving onto the main event we’ll enjoy a 20 minute meditation with the magical crystal bowls – tuned to 432Hz, the frequency (or heartbeat) of the planet, drifting out into our higher consciousness and coming back released, restored and rewired!

This event is FREE although small donations are gratefully received via Suggested donation is £5, but in a spirit of honesty and kindness, please just share whatever you feel is right in these uncertain times, and don’t hesitate to join even if you are facing challenges that mean you are not in a position to pay anything at this time. Sound is universal, and all are welcome.