April 22nd is EARTH DAY. This soundscape will be a celebration of the sounds and vibrations of the ELEMENTS – from the light-as-air wind chimes to the shimmery ocean drum and the thunderous power of the deep earth gong, we’ll journey together through the full soundscape of LIFE ON EARTH.

Like all my sound sessions, this event can be approached as an opportunity for deep relaxation, rest and meditation; as a therapeutic tool for releasing physical pain or tension, stress, anxiety and buried trauma; or as a self-exploration, an inquiry into higher consciousness and what lies beyond.

We’ll open with an introduction to the theme and a chance to enhance your intention for the evening with optional essential oils and divination tools (advice will be sent ahead so you can order these if you like) – which you are more than welcome to sit out if they don’t speak to you. We’ll proceed into a guided meditation to anchor our elemental theme, and will be in the sound bath for around 75 minutes

Tickets are £10 EACH

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