An amplified and extra long version of my signature SOUNDSCAPE, this gorgeous full moon “Art of Ceremony” event is THREE glorious hours long and LIMITED to 12 special places. This event is not just about enjoying blissful sounds, but learning and taking part in the ceremonies and rituals that I create around the gong bath event, why they are a wonderful addition to holistic therapies, and sound healing, and how you can recreate aspects of them at home.

We’ll begin in ceremony, honouring the Full Worm Moon – a supermoon in the sign of Virgo – through mantra and storytelling around the Native and Shamanic tales that give this moon its meaning. The first sound bath will purely feature the beautiful pitches of the crystal bowls, a cleansing ritual. We’ll then spend some time learning about crystal grids and how to use them to amplify your ceremonial space, and set intentions for your sound experience.

Working with heart opening Sacred Cacao from the awesomeness that is Sacred Space Cornwall and essential oils by Oils from Nature we’ll touch upon the benefits of plant and essential oils in our practice, before getting wild with some shamanic drumming and finishing up with our main event – a long relaxing and releasing soundscape, led by the gongs.

Your price includes tea and cake (vegan and gluten free options included) as well as a little take home gift bag to help you start setting your own ceremonial spaces at home.

Tickets £25 until Feb 23rd, £30 thereafter. Check the FAQs page for any questions and drop us a message before booking if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or any concerns about particular health issues and sound.

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