GO DEEP // Our gong bath soundscape on the Pisces New Moon will celebrate all things WATERY, as we focus the sound journey and surrounding rituals on our connection to the liquid power of the scared flowing element. Living by the ocean, here in Cornwall we are only too aware of the intensity and meditative magic of the water. This sound event has been crafted to help us capture the essence of the element and meditate on its healing power.

Do you want to:

  • Release old trauma and pent up stress?
  • Sleep better?
  • Relax muscular tension?
  • Support healing of injuries and respite from longer term conditions?
  • Relight your creative, intuitive spark?
  • Get out of your own head, just for a little while?

Then join us for this relaxing, meditative event and let’s raise the vibration together.

Ticket price includes tea and a special gift to take away and help you stay connected to your sound experience in the days and weeks that follow. Earlybird £17.50 until 16th Feb when tickets go up to full price £20.

Check the FAQs page for general info on what happens during a gong bath event, and drop us a message if you have specific questions or any contraindications such as pregnancy, a pacemaker, or any hearing conditions – these may not preclude you from attending but it’s good to chat through before you commit.

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