Wednesday 5th February @ 7.30pm
Yoga Garden // Wesley Yard, Newquay

Arranged by Sam Cannock, this private Imbolc themed ceremony is a group gong bath and sound journey designed especially for supporting the intentions of a group who already share connections.

Beginning with explorations of our Imbolc theme (using divination tools, crystal meditation and aromatherapy) we’ll melt into a deeply meditative sonic experience. My signature soundscapes include harmonies from an array of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls before the main section of sound, featuring the power of several large gongs, travels the group into a trance-like state beyond consciousness. As the sound journey progresses, shamanic and additional percussive and ancient sounds will draw you back through altered states, and into our shared space.

Yoga mats are provided, please bring your own pillow/cushion and blanket/throw to stay cosy and cocooned, and don’t forget a water bottle.

Please get in touch for a chat before booking if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, hearing aid or tinnitus. Any of these won’t necessarily exclude you, we just need to talk first!

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