Join us for a very special, unique event this May. Our sleepover will feature 10 hours of unbroken gong sounds as our team of sound practitioners play you through the night, whilst you sleep in the powerful, healing vibrations.

This modern interpretation of ancient tradition will include an opening (optional) vinyasa yoga class, a delicious light supper, and an awakening, refreshing breakfast, all shared in the sacred space of the gorgeous Rosehip Barn, poised right on one of Cornwall’s most powerful ley lines in the northern part of Bodmin Moor.

This event offers a contemporary spin on ritual, ceremony and both the science and soulwork of sound, a transformational experience to release, restore and reconnect.



A regular 45 minute gong bath has the power to release physical, mental and emotional tension and pain; to disconnect the conscious mind, creating space for deep meditation; to create a bodily environment for self healing; and to move the body into altered, transcendental states. Don Conreaux, the “godfather of the gong” and the creator of the all night gong ‘puja’ (a Sanskrit word which is often interpreted to mean ‘to hold ceremony’ or ‘shared gathering’) says that one gong bath gives the body and mind the equivalent of 4 hours of sleep. Just imagine what TEN consecutive gong baths can do for your wellbeing, state of mind, and clarity of inner vision.



6pm – Arrivals & bed setup

6.30pm – Vinyasa Yoga

7.30pm – Supper

8.30pm – Personal time for journalling, relaxing, checking out the sunset

9.00pm – Preparatory Rituals – essential oils, breathwork, cacao

9.30pm – Crystal bowls chakra meditation

10pm – 8am – Gong Bath

8.15am – Tea, coffee and chai by the firepit

9am – Stretches and Pranayama

9.30am – Breakfast

10.15am – Pack down



Just like any gong bath or sound session, the main conditions that need a conversation in advance are tinnitus, epilepsy, heart conditions, pacemakers or pregnancy. These won’t necessarily preclude you from taking part, but it’s good to have a discussion before you commit, so please contact me on 07384 376000 to have a chat.

Everyone experiences sound differently, and each session will be unique no matter whether it’s your first or hundredth session. Sometimes it’s a deep meditation, sometimes you can find yourself feeling levitated, moving out of body, and into what feels like a different dimension. We’ll talk about the various potential and real experiences over the course of our 15 or so hours together, so there will be plenty of time to listen, share and ask questions.

Ideally, this will not be your first experience of sound, and specifically the gongs. If you have never had a gong bath before, please do come to one before signing up for this event. I have a number of single sessions each month and you can check these out under Calendar & Booking, or you are of course welcome to come to my home soundspace at Fistral Beach for a 1:1 session. If you are not local to Cornwall get in touch and I can direct you to a practitioner in your area.


Bedding – we suggest a yoga mat or three or a camping mat as a base, although people sometimes like to bring the cushions out of their van or maybe an air bed (but not the squeaky ones please!). A pillow, sleeping bag (again, no noisy ones) or your duvet from home – make it as cosy as you can. A closed top water bottle and a keepcup if you like a hot drink in bed, we’ll keep anything spillable out of the space.

You can bring whatever you like to create your own ritual experience. I like to set my space with a few crystals, my favourite journal, maybe a photo or piece of jewellery, a gig ticket, a particular book, or something from my garden or house. You can choose anything that connects you to a place, person or emotion that means something. You’re welcome to bring absolutely nothing too – if the physical ritual aspect doesn’t appeal to you, honour your gut feeling and travel light.

Bring a change of clothes for yoga – nobody wants to sleep in literally sweaty pants. We do have mats but it’s always nice to bring your own.


Rosehip Barn is a very special venue that was been in our host Gemma’s family for over 300 years. Perched on a ley line and buried along a tiny moor lane, the barn is the perfect remote location for our cosmic gathering. We have the beautiful yoga studio as our main creative space; with plenty of sofas for relaxing in the lounge downstairs; the outdoor firepit with it’s views across to Rough Tor; and a 20 minute walk to one of Cornwall’s oldest sacred sites, the 6th Century St Clether Well, the perfect spot for some sunday rambling if it takes your fancy.


Your space is valued at £80
Two-part instalment plans are available on request
Yoga is optional, and £10 discount applies if you don’t want to take the class, although this won’t affect your arrival time


SUBSCRIBERS CAN ACCESS TICKETS from 10am on Saturday 7th MARCH – make sure you are signed up for the newsletter!


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