The June fall moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, and is known as the STRAWBERRY MOON by native, traditional and farming cultures, as it signals the high summer season. What’s not to love!

Our session will open with some context and narrative around the lunar cycle, before we enjoy a fruit tea and set the space with summery essential oils and divination tools carefully selected to enhance the seasonal energy. Our sound session opens with a guided meditation and gradually eases you into a 75 minute sound bath featuring the magical crystal bows, and most prominently, the power of the gongs. Your experience will be coloured by your own intention – gong baths have the power to create deep relaxation, meditation, release, therapy or transcendental journeying, and you’ll be invited to explore whichever experience resonates for you.

This session includes cosmic extras of limited edition gifts drawn from our Rock & Ritual subscription box, as well as a take-home reiki rock and a fresh strawberry elixir and cake to get your feet back down to earth after your sound session.

Please check out the FAQs and get in touch before booking if you have anything to ask that’s still not answered, or if you have epilepsy, a pacemaker, tinnitus or are pregnant.

Tickets £20 each or £35 for two until EARLYBIRD ends at midnight on May 25th.

Thereafter it’s £22 each or £40 for two.

Do note that the opening ritual section is TOTALLY optional – my sessions are designed to be inclusive and accessible no matter what your spiritual beliefs or persuasions, but you’re always welcome to just chill, journal or nap during the opening intro if you’re not into using any additional tools. I know that some people struggle with things like cards and crystals so although these will be present, briefly explained and open to those who wish to engage with them, if that’s not you, please don’t be put off attending!

Additional details will follow shortly.

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