A summer pop-up wellbeing space @ KUDHVA, North Cornwall
Crowdfunded by you, with my wholehearted gratitude.

Evolve, expand, experience. Celebrate the silence and noise of nature as we offer energy medicine and shamanic practice amid the forests, sands and grasslands of this unique and evolutionary space.

Attune to the vibrations of creativity. Release your imagination. Invite healing through the transformative rhythms of nature.

Experience the power of sound meditation and elemental wellbeing whilst being held in the intuitive, inspiring kingdom of Kudhva. Our energy medicine and healing practices are amplified by the wild lands and opportunity to frame your treatment with time spent time off grid, free in body and mind.

The Tipi opens on 24th July and will be hosting 1:1, COVID-secure small group sessions and workshops through to the autumn.

Friday - 11am - 8pm
Saturday 11am - 8pm
Thursday - Sunday available on request

Soundscapes and other small group events hosted at the Tipi are listed on the EVENTS page and you can see the most upcoming ones in the green box at the bottom of this page.

1:1 sessions can be booked by selecting from the treatment menu below and emailing (scroll to the bottom of this page for link) to check availability.

Please note that we are very busy with both site guest and local reservations. If you have a reservation at Kudhva, to avoid disappointment please do book ahead rather than waiting until you arrive on site.

I'm so looking forward to welcoming you into this elemental, nurturing space.

Full Spectrum Soundscape

Choose from my toolkit to carve out your own unique ritual for meditation and journeying. Mix & match an astrological reading, divination cards, aromatherapy, mantra, head massage, crystals or reiki to complement your sound experience.

£50 / 75 minutes – £60 / 90 minutes

Sonic Soul Meditation

An immersive sound bath experience. Gongs, crystal and Himalayan bowls, shamanic sounds, handpan, sounding bowl, chimes and harmonium, curated into an hour long trance-like, deep meditation.

£50 / 75 minutes

Rebalance - Vibrational Therapy

A pure binaural experience, working with tuning forks on the body and in the biofield to optimise balance and health. Enhanced with sonic acupressure, singing bowls, breathwork and guided meditation.

£45 / 60 minutes

Crystal Reiki Therapy

A beautiful, gentle healing modality. We create a personal crystal grid unique to your needs, drawing on its power to guide your reiki healing and utilising on-body crystals to boost your vibration. An entirely non-contact session if you prefer.

£45 / 60 minutes

Oracle Cards & Intuitive Lunar Astrology Session

A custom card reading to assist you on self-exploration, supported with crystals and singing bowls. We place your reading in the context of your own natal chart and the prevailing cosmic energy.

£45 / 60 minutes

Soundscape Experience
(for pairs/small groups)

Gongs, Singing Bowls, Shamanic sounds for meditation and journeying. Opened with a short exploration of the cosmic energy, current lunar phase, and option to choose cards , crystals, oils etc to enhance your experience.

£60 per pair
£10 per person for groups 5+
£15 per person for groups or 3 or 4

Make Your Tipi Reservation

To arrange your appointment at the Tipi Temple, hit the button below to drop me an email. Please let me know which treatment/s you are interested and your preferred dates, and I can let you know what's available. All emails are replied to same day, and usually within 2 hours.

Request your Appointment

Upcoming Events and Workshops

  • Soundscape: New Moon in Leo ONLINE
    19th August 19:00

    It's the season of the big cat - fiery, confident and courageous, it's time to step up and into your power. Working with the lower chakras, tonight's session will be a journey of self-empowerment, working with an array of sound therapy tools including gongs, bowls, chimes, drums, harmonium, strings and…

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