Variety is the spice of LIFE. I teach what I practice: a broad and colourful spectrum of methods and styles,
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"Yoga is not a work out, it's a work in."

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01 // Rocket Freestyle

Absolutely no holds barred. Friday night means ROCKET THREE for every Rocketeer worldwide - an exhilarating mashup of the R-1 and R-2 sequences this includes deep forward folds, backbends, handstands, some slick arm balances and the best playlist of the week. Faster, more powerful, and more opportunity to get on your hands and in the air. Like Rocket One, it's important to remember that poses come, and poses go, and it doesn't matter what we do and what we don't. We sweat, we flow, we focus - just a little faster! At a 3-count, this class moves at a continuous flowing pace, although of course, your breaks come exactly when you choose them. There's no better way to wrap up the week and earn your down day on Saturday - and truly NOTHING feels as good as a Rocket savasana! TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Tropical // PACE: Fast

01 // 1:1

You time. Well, you and me time. An opportunity to evolve and grow your practice in a focused, 1:1 space. Working primarily in the ashtanga method, workshop the kinks out of your flow, refine your alignment, and explore inversions or other poses that need more time than we can give them in a group space. We work on building a self practice for you to take home, and find routes through and round injuries or health conditions, so you feel comfortable in your own flow. An assist-heavy, game-changing intensive session to ensure you are building a safe and structured practice that is suited to your unique body and mind. One-offs can assist in breaking through immediate challenges, but a block of 3-6 sessions will grow your confidence, practice and toolkit more effectively. **Ideally I prefer to start all new clients with a 1:1 to assess the best class environment and get familiar with any health issues that we can tune your practice into.

06 // Ashtanga // MPS

Modified Primary Series, as set by Larry Schultz and derived from the Krishnamacharya lineage. This set sequence is based on the classical ashtanga tradition, but is remixed for the modern yogi, taking in sun salutes, a standing sequence, forward bends, backbends and a closing inversion if you fancy it. If you ever got completely frustrated trying to pretzel yourself, or wished you could actually get through the 60 or so chaturangas in the primary series without running out of time or energy, then this class is for you. All the fun stuff, none of the frustration. It's a 5 breath count so plenty of space for beginners to learn, and for more experienced yogis to progress. Options for all levels.

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Mediterranean // PACE: Medium

07 // Raja Hatha Yoga

A no-flow, static practice, Rajadhiraja is often considered the last bastion of classical yoga, as taught to the Kings in ancient India. Designed especially to prepare the body physically for meditation, Raja features 42 poses which are woven together slightly differently in each class, with an emphasis on detailed alignment and inner focus. The class finishes with a guided meditation from the Vedic tradition, and 20 minutes of stillness.

An ideal starting point for the less mobile and cardio-philes who are keen to have time to really get to grips with the core yoga asanas, and great for those seeking absolute stillness.

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: British Summer // PACE: Static/Slow

05 // Flow Foundations

Back to basics. In FF we spend the first half of class workshopping, establishing the basics and learning the cues for key asana. It's the perfect place to start for anyone new-ish to yoga, who has no idea what any of the Sanskrit means, or who simply wants to spend some time on alignment and the detail of postures they often skip during faster classes. In the second half of the class, we integrate our workshopping into a vinyasa flow so you can start to make sense of how it all fits together.

We also cover a fair bit of philosophy and yoga history, so you know WHY you're moving and what it's doing for you (beyond the obvious...)

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Mediterranean // PACE: Slow - Medium

04 // Cosmic Vinyasa Flow

My signature vinyasa classes are themed around nature's cues, taking inspiration from the shifting cosmos and ruling element of the season. We take our lead from the moon, practising according to the prevailing energy, and using our mat time as a portal to consider wider themes in our life that are influenced by the seasons and skies. We always work towards a 'king' or final pose, preparing the body for a final flourish before our juicy savasana to wrap up. Suitable for all levels. Some classes do include intermediate and advanced asana - check timetable for L1/2/3 annotations and know that all levels are welcome at all classes, but in L2/3 you may see a few more funky poses. Doesn't mean you have to go anywhere near them!

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Mediterranean to Tropical // PACE: Medium to fast

03 // Shakti: Yoga for Women

A unique class plotted in tune with the lunar flow, we explore the four female archetypes - the Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman and Crone, as features in both our life arc and monthly flow. The class delves deep into the female form and psyche, working with asana and pranayama especially for hormonal balance, and introducing essential oils and shamanic drumming into practice to elevate our sisterhood vibes. Come and run with the wolves!

TIME: 75 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: A really good British summer // PACE: Mostly medium

02 // Rocket One

Founded by Larry Schultz in 1989, The Rocket is an inspiring, creative method often called "the rebel's yoga" - this much-misunderstood method is my passion. It's based on the idea that yoga is for absolutely everyBODY, and is rooted in a commitment to practicing in the self - choosing your own variation of the pose and knowing that every day, every moment, will be different. The Rocket really comes to life in flight - this class is all about the handstands, arm balances and playful variations that we mix in to keep things moving - and it's NOT about the shapes so much as the journey to finding them. Larry literally wrote the book on "practice not perfection," and the Rocket sequences, although perceived as challenging, can be adapted for all levels - yes even beginner! Come and take off. You'll be surprised. ROCKET ONE is a set sequence so over time you have plenty of opportunity to get familiar with the practice.

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Mediterranean to Tropical // PACE: Medium to Fast

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The Gritty Bit

I’d love yoga and sound to be free for everyone. However training, CPD and those whacking great gongs are all big investments that I need to cover. I’ve tried to keep pricing as accessible as possible, but if funds are still stopping you from coming to practice, please get in touch to discuss options.

Yoga is for EVERYONE, regardless of income.


1:1 - 75 minutes - £40
1:1 - 3 class pack - £125
1:1 - 5 class pack - £200

Sound Journeys

1:1 Full Spectrum Session - £ 50.00 - £60.00
1:1 Sonic Soul Meditation - £50.00
1:1 Vibrational Therapy - £ 40.00
Couples Sound Session - £ 70.00
Group Gong Bath - from £20 (earlybird available!)
Bespoke Groups - private groups, events, workplaces on request

(Terms & Conditions)

All booking is ONLINE only. I do not take cash onsite at group events or classes.
(There is no signup deadline so you can pay online on arrival if you've rocked up lastminute, although do check there is space to avoid disappointment!)

I operate a 3 hour cancellation policy for direct booked YOGA and 48 hours for SOUND events. No shows or cancellations any later than this cannot be refunded.

Classes held at Waterworld Newquay and The Tide Climbing Centre are booked direct with the centre, and so are excluded from my pass programme and the above terms. Price varies according to centre membership, pay as you go is available at both.

I am fully accredited and insured, and always offer an opportunity for both new and returning students to advise me of any conditions which may affect their practice or participation. However it remains the responsibility of the student/client to advise me of any existing or new conditions that may put them at risk from participating in yoga or sound practices, and to flag any physical injuries or concerns BEFORE class begins, so that I may supply modifcations or advise them when a pose is best avoided.

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Monday 1pm: The Monday Moon / a little meditation on the day's lunar happenings, followed by a blast of gongs and bowls

Wednesday 3pm: Cosmic Crystal Calm / a midweek binaural brain boost with some rock & reiki magic thrown in

Friday 6pm: Sounds from Outer Space / chakra meditation followed by pure gong goodness