“How do we know who we are? We might be one breath away from enlightenment or death or who knows? The uncertainty is great. It keeps it wide open.”

Weekly Yoga Timetable

This is the weekly YOGA timetable for classes in and around Newquay, Cornwall. 1:1 sessions are available during daytimes, message directly to find out what's available and get on the list for a regular slot.



FLOW & SOUND is included in the regular weekly yoga timetable – a unique bi-weekly session that gives you your ultimate hit of both silence AND noise. Starting out as a chakra vinyasa class, the session melts into an extra long savasana, soundtracked by the gongs. A great way to dip your toe into the waters of sound meditation/therapy, and always extra powerful after a chakra-opening flow. Split is around 40 mins flow/30 mins sound.

SOUNDSCAPES are our signature sound ceremonies, workshops and concerts. These sessions are usually held once or twice a month and integrate reiki, ritual, Wicca, shamanism and meditational tools. Every Soundscape is crafted specifically to amplify the power of the prevailing energy, and they are usually held over significant astrological or elemental events. Check the listings box on the homepage to explore upcoming dates, and sign up to the newsletter below for priority booking, giving you a head start on often sold out events.

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Upcoming Events and Workshops

    26th February 07:30

    This 2 hour workshop offers an introduction to using sound in your yoga classes or other healing/wellbeing space. Designed to give you the confidence to use sounds to support your teaching and space holding, the workshop will provide a simple introduction to the science of sound healing, and will cover:…

  • SONIC OCEAN SOUNDSCAPE / GONG BATH in Bude The Yoga Studio, Kings Hill Est. Bude
    29th February 16:00

    GO DEEP // Our gong bath in Bude on the Pisces New Moon will celebrate all things WATERY, as we focus the sound journey and surrounding rituals on our connection to the liquid power of the scared flowing element. Living by the ocean, here in Cornwall we are only too…

    22nd March 15:00

    A luscious springtime collaboration with two of my faves: Anna Curnock Yoga and Kirsty "Oils from Mother Nature" Wright Anna writes: "Spring equinox is the time of year when day and night are equal lengths of time, where we are beginning to move into the lighter part of the year.…

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March 20-22 // SPRING EQUINOX // St Nectan's Glen

May 15-18 // RE-WILD YOUR SOUL // Kudhva

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