Absolutely no holds barred. Friday night means ROCKET THREE for every Rocketeer worldwide – an exhilarating mashup of the R-1 and R-2 sequences this includes deep forward folds, backbends, handstands, some slick arm balances and the best playlist of the week. Faster, more powerful, and more opportunity to get on your hands and in the air. Like Rocket One, it’s important to remember that poses come, and poses go, and it doesn’t matter what we do and what we don’t. We sweat, we flow, we focus – just a little faster! At a 3-count, this class moves at a continuous flowing pace, although of course, your breaks come exactly when you choose them. There’s no better way to wrap up the week and earn your down day on Saturday – and truly NOTHING feels as good as a Rocket savasana!

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Tropical // PACE: Fast