Founded by Larry Schultz in 1989, The Rocket is an inspiring, creative method often called “the rebel’s yoga” – this much-misunderstood method is my passion. It’s based on the idea that yoga is for absolutely everyBODY, and is rooted in a commitment to practicing in the self – choosing your own variation of the pose and knowing that every day, every moment, will be different. The Rocket really comes to life in flight – this class is all about the handstands, arm balances and playful variations that we mix in to keep things moving – and it’s NOT about the shapes so much as the journey to finding them. Larry literally wrote the book on “practice not perfection,” and the Rocket sequences, although perceived as challenging, can be adapted for all levels – yes even beginner! Come and take off. You’ll be surprised. ROCKET ONE is a set sequence so over time you have plenty of opportunity to get familiar with the practice.

TIME: 60 mins // SWEAT LEVEL: Mediterranean to Tropical // PACE: Medium to Fast