You time. Well, you and me time. An opportunity to evolve and grow your practice in a focused, 1:1 space. Working primarily in the ashtanga method, workshop the kinks out of your flow, refine your alignment, and explore inversions or other poses that need more time than we can give them in a group space. We work on building a self practice for you to take home, and find routes through and round injuries or health conditions, so you feel comfortable in your own flow. An assist-heavy, game-changing intensive session to ensure you are building a safe and structured practice that is suited to your unique body and mind. One-offs can assist in breaking through immediate challenges, but a block of 3-6 sessions will grow your confidence, practice and toolkit more effectively.

**Ideally I prefer to start all new clients with a 1:1 to assess the best class environment and get familiar with any health issues that we can tune your practice into.